Jesus Loves Movember

Jesus Loves Movember

Have you ever wondered why around this time of year it seems men get really sloppy with their grooming? Or why it seems to be a seasonal fad to look like a lumberjack? Some call it No-Shave-November, where they let all non-scalp hair from the neck up grow untamed. The rest of us call it Movember, as we groom a solo, macho Mo (aka mustache).

November is basically an excuse for us to let our testosterone loose in gruff and, otherwise, despicable ways.

Right now, I am currently celebrating Movember for my second time. The first time happened in 2011 when a couple of co-workers talked me into doing it with them. We all had visions of what we could look like. Mine was Thomas Magnum from Magnum PI. I finally had an excuse to convince Jessica to give me permission…grudgingly.

A couple of days into my sprouting black moss, I discovered Movember actually had a purpose beyond the manifestation of Mojo. It wouldn’t be fair to spend October emphasizing breast cancer awareness without giving Men’s health awareness a fair go. So that’s the origin of Movember, or No-Shave-November. Highlighting testicular cancer, Prostate cancer, etc.

When I learned this, I decided in my heart that I will sport my Mo in partnership with Jesus, with the expectation that He would present opportunities for me to pray for men who need healed of such health issues.

A couple of weeks later, there was a conference at Bethel Church. My mentor, Steve Backlund, had my fellow interns and I stand before the conference attenders to declare prophecies and words of knowledge for healing. People were getting healed all over the room.

When it was my turn, I took a moment to quickly explain my mustache and what I was standing for that month. Then I said, “I don’t want to embarrass anyone by having you stand, but if anyone has any men’s health issue, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, or similar issues, please come find me on a break so I can pray for you privately.”

On that next break, I had about three separate men come pull me around a corner so nobody would know. I totally get that! And I honor it.

But that wasn’t the case for Walt. (Name changed to protect his identity.) Walt, a short, pudgy man, waddled over to me. With no idea that his grunty voice boomed twice as loud as everyone around, he said, “Can you pray for me? I’ve had chronic hemorrhoids for 18 years and prostatitis for 17.”

He explained his many symptoms. He had constant excruciating pain that never goes away. Walt was a missions pastor in his church and has a heart to spread the kingdom of God. But he told me that, due to the distraction of his chronic pain, he hasn’t been able to enjoy feeling the presence of God for years.

Justice rose up in me. That is not right! There is no sickness or disease that has the right to distract God’s children from His presence!

Led by the Spirit, I began to pray for him, not for healing, but simply inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit to fall upon him. Suddenly, he looked relaxed and his face softened. As we continued allowing the Spirit to pour over him like a waterfall, he began to swarm in a presence he had missed for a long time.

“I haven’t felt this in 7 years,” he said! Walt explained that he felt the presence start at the top of his head and descend down his body.

At one point, he began giggling. I asked what happened. He said he felt the tingling presence of the Lord touch his mid-region.

He said all the pain he had was gone! All of it!

We laughed and celebrated and just basked in God’s presence. I was satisfied with this encounter because he was enjoying the presence of the Lord in a way he was unable to for a very long time.

The next day, Walt came to tell me that he was completely healed the day we prayed. The hemorrhoids were gone; the prostatitis was healed; and no more pain! He could use the bathroom with no problems whatsoever. It was a true miraculous healing!

Did you know that we don’t have to make this walk of faith all serious and no fun? We can enjoy what we love and allow Jesus to come and redeem it, making it like heaven on earth. Why not? I enjoyed a funny mustache, and Jesus enjoyed it with me.

That Movember, Jesus was right there with me. And He and I turned a normal, fun experience into a supernatural encounter.

I am fully convinced Jesus was sporting a Mo that day, too!

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