Testimonies of God’s Glory are an opportunity for anyone to encounter God by faith. One person’s testimony can be another person’s prophecy (promise of what God can and will do for you too). “… Worship God. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy,” (Revelation 19:10). One meaning for the word “testimony” is “do it again.” Maybe you should anticipate an encounter with Jesus and/or receive a needed breakthrough while reading these stories. Why expect anything less?


Harvest Christian Camp – Lewisville, IN

// knees & joint problems // breast lump //

Jesus Farm Conference – South Korea

// back pain // bulging disc //

Overflowing Church – South Korea

// jaw problems // deaf ear //

Healing Rooms

// jaw problems // neck pain // migraines // arthritis //

Nara, Japan

// deaf ear // enlarged heart // numbness in leg //