Our Vision



After many years at Bethel Church praying for when, where, and how God would send us out to export the revival culture that Bethel has been enjoying for many years, we finally got the answer. We get to return back to the Midwest, to the same state and region that Jesse was born and raised in. We are coming to plant a church in northern Indianapolis. We are excited to extend the family we are a part of in Redding, CA to the homeland!

There is already a great momentum building towards an outbreak of revival in central Indiana as many amazing leaders and lovers of Jesus have been banding together for years in unity to see the kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven! They have been doing an incredible job of preparing the soil for a great outpouring! We can’t wait to jump in and participate in a regional move of God.

We plan to launch a church in the Northside of Indianapolis sometime in 2018. Our initial goal is to cultivate a community that becomes like a family that is focused primarily on camping before the Presence of God while discovering together our identity as His free and powerful children. This will become the bedrock from where everything else will emerge. We believe to see individual, corporate, city, regional, national, and international impact and transformation!



A few things we are believing the Lord for:

  •  Open heaven realities where divine encounters and miracles are normal
  •  Healthy versions of Christianity, leadership, ministry and community
  •  A culture that raises healthy, powerful, purpose-filled, lovers of Jesus and lovers of people
  •  A united body of Christ in the region to see God’s kingdom advance



The Core Values of Kingdom Culture that we’ve picked up from Bethel Church have become ours to share:

  • God is Good
  • Salvation Creates Joyful Identity
  • Responsive to Grace
  • Focused on His Presence
  • Creating Healthy Family
  • God’s Word Transforms
  • God is Still Speaking
  • Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry
  • His Kingdom is Advancing
  • Free and Responsible
  • Honor Affirms Value
  • Generous Like My Father
  • Hope in a Glorious Church



We are excited to see who the Lord will lead into our community over the next months and years! We believe that, in the context of family community, many sons and daughters of God will be raised up into wholeness and greatness, equipped to change the world around them through power, love, gifts, and servant-hearts.

In the earliest phase of our church plant endeavors, we will be collecting around us a team and community (from Redding and Indiana) who will be our initial launch team. This will be a short-term, non-public time of intimacy and development for the sake of cultivating unity and common kingdom culture in our midst. Once this community has been established, then we will open the doors publicly and welcome anyone into the family who desires to come and be saturated with the love and presence of God and the loving hearts of our community.

Our goal is for us to be as powerfully prepared as a team as we can in order to be in a place where we can most powerfully bless the people of Indianapolis and to raise up an army of revivalists who will change the region.